How Our International Shipping Works

How International Shipping WorksInternational shipping costs are not that expensive when ordered right. The first step for placing an international shipping order is to select the country you wish to ship to.  On our main page on the right hand side, click on “Change Country/Currency”; you will then select your country.  For example:  If you choose Chile as you country, all prices will be shown in the local currency, the Chilean Peso.

The second step is to add the items you wish to buy to your cart. Once you hit the “Check Out” button, located in your shipping cart, you will then be directed to your final order review.  The system will then calculate the cost of the items and shipping in your local currency.  The total will include any duties and taxes that are billed by the customs and revenue authorities in your area.  This means, no surprise charges for you when your order arrives.

The third step is to fill in your shipping address and billing address.  Please note that the billing address should match the address of your credit card being used for your order.

The Fourth and final step is to enter your payment information.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and PAYPAL.  Next, click on “BUY NOW”. At this point you are done.  Your order will then be sent to FiftyOne, our international shipping partner, for final approval.  You will receive an email from FiftyOne once your order has been approved.

Your order will then ship from one of our warehouses throughout the U.S. to FiftyOne, in Ohio.  Once it arrives in Ohio, you will be charged and your order will ship via DHL to you.  We will email tracking information to you once it leaves Ohio.  That way you can track the package to your door.





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