How To Fish Without the Worry of Fish

I love to fish

I love to fish, in fact, I would say it is one of my favorite things to do. There are not too many things better than a nice day at the lake with family and friends. I wanted to tell you all of the great things that you can do to catch your limit each and every time you go to the lake, but then it occurred to me, I am the worst angler out there. Yes, I am telling you that I don’t know how to fish. So if you are looking for a nice relaxing day at the lake, but do not want to worry about the mess of catching and cleaning a fish then follow these easy to do tips.

  1. Get prepared.Your big day starts the night before. Make sure you have the essentials: sandwiches, chips, drinks, candy, and any other favorite food that you can put in the cooler. Make sure you have your chair and cooler ready to go. Your day of fishing will be a lot less enjoyable if you happen to forget these things.
    1. Oh yeah, make sure you pack your pole, bait and tackle too.
  2. Sleep in. On the big day make sure you get enough sleep as you can. Press the snooze once or twice. You are more likely to be unpleasant to be around if you don’t get enough sleep, so for everyone else at the lake, please catch some more Z’s. It is true what they say, “the early bird gets the worm,” but we use Powerbait, so it will be okay.
  3. Load up your friends/family/fishing buddies. On your way to the lake, make sure you are listening to some great tunes, I would recommend any Classic Rock. Good company and good music, perfect for setting the mood for your great day fishing.
  4. Find a non-crowded spot. You don’t want scores of people ruining your mood. You need to just be away from the crowds for a day. If you get asked why you chose this location, tell them it is a secret spot and the fish really do like the murky water.
  5. Bait the line. Does it matter what bait you use? No, of course not. You’re there not to catch, remember? In fact, I would recommend not looking up any fishing report and just going with your gut. I usually ask myself while looking at the different types of baits and lures, “if I were a fish, would I eat that?” If that answer is yes, I buy it.
  6. Cast your line. Make to really get it out there. I like to make it contest to see who can get the furthest. Should you scope out the area and try to cast into good fishing holes? Nope, again, we don’t want to be bothered by fish today. The further out you cast it, the less you have to recast it when the waves bring it back to shore.
  7. Relax.Finally the time you were waiting, the reason you got out of bed today. Put on some good tunes, again, crack open a drink, eat your food and just have a good time.If you followed these steps, and have my good fortune, then you shouldn’t have to worry about a fish biting all day. If you like to eat fish, like I do, then on your way home stop by your local grocery store and buy it. Your full day relaxing is complete, you didn’t have to worry about any fish, and you still get fish for dinner (though it might be hard to explain how you reeled in salmon).
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  1. Casey says:

    LOL…Thats me!!! Have you been following me around? It sure sounds like it, great little article.

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