iboats Brand Spotlight: Wise

If you have been in the market for boat seats before you’ll definitely know who Wise is! Wise is the largest manufacturer of pleasure boat seats in the country. At iboats.com we have been selling Wise products for years and years. In fact, they are one of our top brands! Check out their spotlight below.

Wise Boat Seat Building

Lots of people think that The Wise Company is named as commentary on the company’s intelligence. Although this would be fitting, the seat manufacturer actually gets its name from Charles W. Wise who founded the company in 1961.

The Wise Company builds top quality, OEM boat seats for many boat builders. Not only do they make fold down, bucket and helm seats for boats, but they also offer the less common seat types like pontoon furniture, jump seats, back-to-back seats and bass boat seats. In addition to marine seating, Wise is known globally for their seats on construction machinery, emergency vehicles, farm equipment, trucks, golf carts and more.

Over the years Wise has become the largest manufacturer of pleasure boat seats in the country. They currently have manufacturing facilities in 5 states and Mexico, totaling 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and office space. That’s 23 acres dedicated to seats!

Wise offers boaters quality products at competitive prices. You can find the entire Wise boat seat selection iboats.com

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