Largest Message in a Bottle

A Norwegian soda company is letting the oceans current decide who gets to taste the self-proclaimed best soft drink in the world, Solo. Many people in other countries have not tasted solo, most likely haven’t even heard of Solo soft drinks.  This could potentially work out great for the Norwegian soda company by expanding their market to a new country. Not only is there a message in the bottle but they are doing another great giveaway on top of that.

Solo Bottle - Largest Message in a Bottle

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The bottle is 26 feet in length and weighs 2 tons. On the people can follow the very large bottle on its voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Also on their website you can guess where the bottle will end up, the winner will receive a bottle of Solo per nautical mile traveled. What would you do with thousands of soft drinks?

Solo Bottle 2 - Largest Message in a Bottle

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I Love Boating shared the video created by on their profile, The World’s Largest Message In A Bottle (vo-version) on Vimeo.

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