Look in Both Mirrors [SHBT]

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Look in Both Mirrors, Posted by Captain J.Martin

Decided to go fishing with my wife this afternoon. Stopped at the local farm store to buy bait. While I was in the store, a lady started loading about 1200 lbs of horse feed into a 4 door Hyundai in the stall to the right of my boat trailer, and opened her driver’s door against my trailer in front of the fender.

When I started to pull out, I scraped a clearance light off the trailer, and wiped out the drivers door on the rice burner.

Poor lady was all upset. I just called the cops and had them come over and document it. Cop asked me how my day was going. I said “horO&^%*t”. Called my insurance company, reported the incident, and then handed the phone to her to make arrangements to get her car repaired. By the time I forced her car door closed for her and tied it to the door posts so she could get her horse food home, she was all smiles and OK

First insurance claim I’ve filed in 30 years.

First big SHT, almost dropped boat on ramp!, Posted by Petty Officer 1st Class Eli.Lilly

I’ve been reading the forums from the day I got my first boat about five years ago. This weekend, I came *this* close to dropping my boat on the ramp. Here’s how:

  • At park, stopped at horse paddock to prepare boat for launch as to not block traffic at ramp. Removed safety chain, forgot to reattach winch strap.
  • While driving down park road to ramp, noticed boat was bouncing around. Got out and saw it had slid back a little. Couldn’t winch it back into place, so I went forward a couple MPH and pressed the brakes and it slid back into place. I winched it tight.
  • When I got to the ramp, I did the launch the same way I always have. I backed in until the trailer is on the inclined portion of the ramp but the truck is still on the flat part of the ramp. Got out, unhooked winch strap.
  • Started backing fully down ramp, heard god-awful scraping and looked in mirror at boat to see it drop off the trailer, slide down the ramp, and land in the water.
  • Pulled away to park truck, couldn’t bear to turn head to look at boat.

LUCKILY, the scraping sound was apparently more felt by me than heard by others, and it was the sound of the keel sliding down the trailer’s crossmembers and the crossmembers are padded there. The boat didn’t actually slide down the ramp, it just slid off the trailer and into the water a little early. There wasn’t a scratch on the boat.

But in that couple of minutes between when it happened and when I got back to the ramp after parking the truck, all I could think about was the dozens of messages I’ve read here about people dropping their boats on the ramp and I was sure mine had ridden the ramp from top to bottom, somehow sliding into the water courtesy of algae on the ramp. It was surreal to be recognizing a SHT as a SHT as it was happening.

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