Boating Survival – Lost in the Pacific Ocean for 15 Weeks

Recap of

boating survival

Toakai Teitoi, a boating survivor, flew to the capital of Kiribati to be sworn in as a policeman on May 27.  Instead of flying back, he decided to join a brother-in-law Lelu Falaile on his 15ft wooden boat. The trip was only supposed to be a 2 hour boat ride, but they did some fishing and other things together. After a long day of the two men slept, and would continue the journey home in the morning. They woke up realizing the current had pulled them far away from Maiana, a district of Kiribati. Not only were they lost in the Pacific Ocean, but the two men were stuck without any gas.

This is the start of a 15 week frightening adventure that would test one mans will to survive. The men had plenty of food, and with proper gear could easily catch a nice meal. However, they did not have much to drink. Dehydration got the best of Toakai’s brother-in-law, and his health began to fade away. On July 4, Lelu Falaile passed away, where he was buried at sea by Mr. Teitoi. More than a month later, a fishing boat is seen in the distance, this is the first sight of rescue Toakai has experienced. Unfortunately this fishing boat was not there to rescue, and didn’t even see the smaller 15 foot boat.

A few days later, Toakai awakes to a weird scratching noise. The noise is being caused by a shark that is circling his vessel. Mr. Teitoi gets up to see the stern of a fishing boat, with crew members eying him down through binoculars. Finally the man lost at sea for more than 100 days is rescued by Marshalls 203. Do you think he’ll travel by boat again, or just take a plane?



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