New Boat – The Hot Tub by Hot Tug

Hot Tub Tug Boat 1

The hot tub filled with water!

Everyone loves hot tubs and boating, right? So then what would be better than combining the two! Just imagine hot tubing on a lake near you. Hot Tug a company from the Netherlands has now made this possible. Check out the picture below from Hot Tug.

Hot Tub Tug Boat 2

The hot tub without water!

So you’ve seen it with water in it, some of you may be thinking that you wouldn’t always want to be in a hot tub. Well good news is, they made it so you can have it with or without water. Without water, it can fit between 4-6 people. They also have different versions, depending on how you’d like to power it. You can get it with or without a motor. The motor is an Electric MinnKota, similar to a trolling motor. Check out the picture below to see the hot tub without water.

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5 Responses to New Boat – The Hot Tub by Hot Tug

  1. tom Hubbard says:

    How much are they and who in Canada has the rights to sell them

  2. Mason Ryan says:

    WOW! A hot tub without water….looks amazing.

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  4. Cop chases says:

    Great paintings! This is the type of info that you should distributed online. Waste online without extended placement this particular article larger! Seriously through and talk over with my own web-site. Appreciate it Means)

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