Outboard Motor Care – Lasts a Lifetime

In the early 90’s Mercury Marine made a great video with several long-time outboard owners telling folks how well their engines have been running.  One engine owner looked at the camera and told us his 90hp in-line six cylinder (aka “Tower of Power”) had been running strong since he bought is in the 60’s.  He went on to tell us he hadn’t even changed the spark plugs in all that time.  We freaked a little bit but left that in the video.

Here’s a good story about a happy Yamaha outboard customer.

Outboard Motor Care - Tim BoczonYamaha Marine Group recently acquired two legendary F150 outboard motors from Tim Boczon, an avid boater from Houston, Texas. The outboards, which each have more than 6,800 hours on them, have been the power behind Tim’s Grady White® 247 Advance and previously provided the power for a 40-foot, 16,000-pound catamaran used by Charleston Water Taxi owners Scott Connelly and Chip Deaton to carry people across the Charleston Harbor.

 When Charleston Water Taxi owners Scott Connelly and Chip Deaton purchased the 40-foot catamaran to start their business in 2005, Yamaha was their first choice for power.  “We make 18 trips across the Charleston Harbor every day, which is a total of about 30 miles,” said Connelly. “We only burn about 70 gallons of fuel per week, which is incredible considering the boats run approximately 70 hours per week. It’s critical that we have outboards we can trust to transport 100-plus daily passengers from the Aquarium to Patriot’s Point.”  “So basically, the outboards are running for 10 hours straight at 1300-1400 RPM,” Connelly said. “We do not shut the outboards down at all.”

Yamaha Outboard Motor Care - Charleston Water Taxi“As you can imagine, we have had to replace a few parts- — thermostats, plugs, etc.- — but really just basics, which is amazing considering the conditions in which we run and the time we put on the outboards every day,” remarked Connelly.

Boczon, an avid offshore angler, repowered his Grady White® 247 Advance with the pre-owned F150s and immediately put them to the test again, dropping his boat in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Freeport, Texas for various fishing excursions.

“I traveled as far out as 25 miles and had no trouble whatsoever with the outboards,” said Boczon. “The outboards always gave me a smooth performance and I never felt I had to compromise in terms of overall power. Yamaha’s are obviously built to last.”

I’m from the old school that teaches you “when you take care of your equipment, your equipment will take care of you”.  .  Most of the popular brands of outboards will do the same for you as those Yamaha’s have done for Charleston Water Taxi and Tim Boczon if you take good care of them.  Yes, you really do need to change your spark plugs every couple years.

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  1. Jon Scotts says:

    Great to hear such a positive story guys!



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