Boat Repair Product Tips

Do you have a boat that has been sitting idling over the course of the year? Does it seem like you aren’t making full use of what was an expensive investment? Did you know that many boats are sidelined for some very common reasons? Most of these issues can be easily avoided if you are willing to do a little bit of maintenance at regular intervals to protect your boat, system, and conduct repairs. Take some of the following products into account when you are looking for ways to better preserve your marine vessel throughout the entirety of the year;

Engine Cleaners and Degreasers

Combustion Cleaner, 12 oz - Sierra
Engine cleaners and degreasers help to keep your boat running optimally at all times of the year. There are many different cleaners, degreasers and general engine maintenance products on the market, each of them providing a wide range of different benefits. It is important to keep all areas of your engine clean, as grease buildup can result in any number of different issues.

It’s for this reason that we offer so many different specially designed cleaning and degreasing products. Products such as our Starbrite Engine Protector are excellent all around maintenance products, allowing you to protect the exterior open surfaces of the engine from the common rust and corrosion problems that many boat owners run into. Additionally, the simple spray easy-application process means that you do not have to dedicate a lot of time in order to receive the high quality results that it provides.

We also offer a range of different products that are designed for specific areas of the engine and boat. These include the CRC Engine Cleaner and Degreaser, the CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner, and the CRC Brakleen Brake Parts Cleaner. These products provide you with maximum performance, allowing you to protect very specific areas within your engine. Removing contaminants from your engine helps to ensure a long life for your boat, and may limit the amount that you can expect to spend on repairs down the road.


Gear Lube Type C, 32 oz - Sierra

We’ve all heard different vehicles referred to as  well oiled machines’ in the past. There is a good reason why this phrase is so popular – there are few things more important than the lubrication within your engine. From the oil that you choose to use to other forms of lubricants, they all help your engine to reduce friction, which in return results in less broken moving parts and a healthier boat overall.

We have oils and lubricants that are specifically designed for different purposes. For instance, our Type “C Gear Oil is specifically formulated for older model outboards and I/Os that come equipped with an electric shift, keeping them well lubricated and clean. This product in particular helps to reduce friction in these types of engines, reducing friction and protecting gears and bearings.

Sealant and Calking

If your boat springs a leak out of nowhere, there is a good chance that some existing caulking or sealant has given out and will require replacement. The good news is that both sealant and caulk are relatively cheap and effective ways to deal with leaks. Our Boatlife Silicone Rubber Sealant is an excellent product for sealing tight corners and niches in the design of your boat, helping to limit long term damage.


CRC Engine Winterizing Kit

Winterizing your boat during the colder months is an absolute must for most boat owners. If you are not planning on using your boat much during the cold season (this is quite common in colder areas) then you want to make sure that you have protected your boat from the dangers that come with freezing temperatures. We offer a number of winterization kits which can help you to complete the entire process painlessly. Winterization kits provide you with a number of different products, including fogging fluid, fuel stabilizer, decarboniser and lubricants to help ensure that your boat remains unharmed through freezing temperatures. Additionally, you may want to look into winterizing all aspects of your boat, including the exterior, interior and engine. Each area of your boat can see severe damage if you are not willing to take the proper steps before things begin to cool down.

Maintenance Videos

Engine Maintenance Video

Here at, we also offer a number of instructional maintenance videos that are excellent resources for new boat owners and veterans alike. If you would like to learn how to conduct basic tasks and repairs, such as general maintenance, winterizing your boat or repairing fiberglass, we have instructional videos available that can help you to make sure that you protect your investment and keep your boat running optimally for years to come.



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A Glimpse into the Amazing World of Boats

Welcome to this exciting voyage of information regarding the nearly endless varieties of boats and their specific functions. Over times, the sailing world has responded to the increasing range of human aquatic activities by designing high-performance boats that enhance the thrill and fun of various activities that include fishing, hunting, rescue, and other activities. Therefore, if you have seen one boat, then you haven’t seen them all. There is a noticeable improvement in the operational details of modern boats, which has increased their efficiency, utility, and speed nearly tenfold when measured against traditional boats. The following are some of the most common types of boats that make life easier in the 21st century.

Fishing boats

2014 Lowe Boats Hunt Roughneck 1650 DLX Milton PA

2014 Lowe Boats Hunt Roughneck 1650 DLX Milton PA

Fishing boats come in various sizes and different designs and are uniquely suited to serve their chief objective of fishing. Great efforts in technological improvements have seen the manufacture of a great variety of fishing boats including Mirage Pro Angler, Kodiak 16 SC, Mako Pro Skiff, Carolina Classic 25, and many others. There is an obvious improvement in the levels of comfort, interior space, and the engine capacity has made these types of boats easier to control and more effective for fishing. Some modern boats have with air-conditioned cabins, which make them appropriate for all-weather fishing because of the benefit of comfort.

Cruiser boats

2008 Sea Ray Boats 55 SUNDANCER Winthrop Harbor IL

2008 Sea Ray Boats 55 SUNDANCER Winthrop Harbor IL

The highly impressive and artfully designed cruiser boats serve the purpose of providing luxury cruises on the seas and other types of waterways. The utility value of these boats is usually optimized in the tourism sector where visitors are treated to lavish sails in the water as they savor the delights of the aquatic life and other attractive spectacles. Cruiser boats vary in sizes and comfort enhancements. Some of the most famous cruiser boats include Bavaria Cruiser 36, Outremer 49, Oyster 575, and Oyster 625. The supremacy of the luxury experienced in these boats entails cozy couches, comfortable beds, dining spaces, and other enhancements that complete the picture of fun and pleasure.

Pontoon boats

2014 Crest Caribbean 250XR Lake Havasu AZ

2014 Crest Caribbean 250XR Lake Havasu AZ

Pontoon boats have the advantage of multiple utilities that include leisure cruises, carrying of loads, fishing, and ferrying people from one point to another. Pontoon boats are so called because of their reliance on pontoons for the purpose of floating and effective sailing. Pontoon boats are designed to offer strong power that enables them to handle significantly large amounts of luggage and people with remarkable ease. These boats are most preferred because they are easier to maintain and operate as compared to the other kinds of boats.

Ski and wakeboard boats.

2013 Correct Craft Super Air G23 Bracebridge ON

2013 Correct Craft Super Air G23 Bracebridge ON

This aesthetically enhanced boats are specifically designed for aquatic sports. They visually elegant and very sleek in design which enhances the feeling of fun experienced by ardent aquatic sports people. The streamlined bodies of these boats enable them to overcome water resistance hence improving their speed in water. It is normal to find these boats in many tourist attraction coasts because of their great appeal and preference among those who seek the thrill of water sports. They also offer entertainment to families during summer or special holidays in many parts of the world.

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How to Properly Winterize Your Boat

It is that time of the year again to store our boats and cozy up in warm clothes. Winter time is always a crazy time of year for most boat owners. They have to prepare their boats for storage and take off their captain hats but many people are not really sure how to prepare their boats for winter. This is a step by step guide on how to properly prepare and store your boat for the winter.

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  1. Take one more trip before putting that boat away. This is for two reasons. The first being you get one more chance to go out and enjoy the water and secondly it allows you to inspect the boat and see if anything needs repair.
  2. Remove your belongings off the boat like dishes, food, blankets and pillows.
  3. Inspect the propeller and hub and make sure there are not any repairs needed. If there are any repairs needed be sure to fix them right away so they don’t get any worse.
  4. Fill the boats gas tank and add stabilizer to the gas to stop the gas from degrading and causing corrosion. Corrosion can cause your gas lines to leak so completing this step can help you save a lot of money.
  5. Close any fuel valves. This will prevent destructive condensation. You can also seal any thru-pot exhaust ports with duct tape. It is also a good idea to replace the fuel filter and water separator before storing your both.
  6. Step six is very important to storing your boat for the winter. In this step you want to coat the spark plugs by taking out the flame arrestor and putting two cycle oil into the carburetor while the boat is on and running. Then turn off the fuel supply to allow the excess fuel to burn off. Spin the engine a few times to effectively coat the spark plugs. Put the plugs back in without plugging them in to prevent dampness around the piston.
  7. To prevent lines and parts of the engine from freezing fill the block with antifreeze. Change the gear oil in the engine. Remove the battery and store it in a safe, dry, and cool place.
  8. Cleaning your boat may seem like an unnecessary and unimportant step but that is not the case. Cleaning the boats surface and adding a protectant will help to prevent any rotting.
  9. Cover your boat with a boat cover no matter where you are storing it to protect it from the elements, and insects. The canvas should be waterproof and fit the well.
  10. Make whatever repairs are needed before storing the boat as not doing so could make the problem much worse later on.

So now you know everything about winter boat storage. Before you know it spring will be here and if you follow the steps above your boat will be in the perfect condition for hitting the water once again.


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Propeller Maintenance

The propeller of your boat generally works by changing the power of the engine into a thrusting which ensures that your boat is moved forward. It is actually very important to know how to do basic propeller maintenance and repair tasks so as to assist you in taking good care of your boat without incurring excessive costs of repair technicians. Cavitation, roughness, surface damage and corrosion to a propeller reduce its efficiency and hence raise the consumption of fuel and may result into many other damages that are costly. For proper maintenance of a boat propeller, there are several things that should be considered.


First and foremost, it is very important that you always carry a spare propeller to be used in case of emergencies. The benefit of carrying a spare boat propeller is that you can always use your boat since you have another propeller in case the one in use is damaged. In addition to that, a spare propeller will be will be used when the other one is still being repaired. Boat propellers can be bought at reasonable price and in the long run it is still more cost effective to carry a spare boat propeller so that you can always use your bought whenever you wish without any worry.

Secondly, you should never run a boat for a very long period with a propeller that is damaged as this may result into severe damage to your boat propeller hence causing bush failure or cavitation burns. Doing this may also result to stem gear or engine damage. Some of the symptoms of a damaged propeller apart from seeing the obvious blade damage symptoms include; loss of speed, vibration in use, poor economy of fuel, loss of power and apparent slipping among others.

In addition to that, it is also very crucial to paint the boat propellers as part of the maintenance effort. However, stern gear and propellers must never be coated with metal based paints or standard anti-fouling. In case you decide to use an anti-fouling which is intended for use on propellers and stern gear, you must make sure that you keenly follow the instructions of the manufacturer which often states that bare metal especially aluminum should be primed before application. However, in most cases the boat propellers which are painted with any kind of anti fouling are more prone to electrolysis hence it is advisable not to use it.

Furthermore, so as to maintain the best possible performance from your boat, it is important that always service your boat propeller each and every time it is damaged or at least once in every year. You should also hire a certified technician to balance your propeller so as to ensure it runs free of any kind of troublesome or even vibrations that are very dangerous. It is also important to test the exhaust and bush ring. Always make a note a note in case either of these two parts require replacing and then get a good repair technician to replace the parts if necessary.

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