** Important** Recall on Perko Fuel Fills

Perko has come out saying that they came across a problem with the fuel fills having a brittle area on the flange of the plastic body fuel fills. Because it is brittle, the fuel fill can crack when the mounting screws are tightened. The manufacturing dates of the affected fuel fills are from April 2011 to May 2011. The following part numbers with all variations are involved:

  • 0540
  • 0580
  • 0582
  • 1319

The images below show you how to find the manufacturing date for the fuel fills involved:

Perko Fuel Fills

This is where you will find the date for all model variations for 0540, 0580, and 0582.

Perko Fuel Fills

And this will be where it is located on 1319.

If you have any of these fills, Perko is asking that they be returned immediately. You can contact them at sales@perko.com or call 305-621-7525 for a return authorization code. 

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15th Anniversary Fun for our Life Jacket Blowout Sale.

For our 15th anniversary, our call center thought it would be fun to put together a funny video for everyone to enjoy. Make sure you check out our great Life Jackets

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angus63 – Member of the Month

My name is Rich and I am from Suffolk County, Long Island , New York. I am 49 years old and have been boating regularly since I moved from Queens, NY to Long Island when I was six years old.

1986 21′ Trophy w/ 1995 175 HP Evinrude Oceanpro. In the background, 1978 17′ Renken w/ 50 HP Evinrude.

I attended the US Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point, NY) and graduated with a Marine Engineering degree, with a Coast Guard License and a Navy Reserve commission. I sailed Navy and Merchant vessels for six years following school. I dragged surf clams in a 90ft steel trawler for a few years early in my career. I went ashore for 15 years as a design engineer for Navy ship systems with various companies.

For the last five years I have been the Marine Engineering Laboratories Supervisor at the US Merchant Marine Academy, teaching labs in steam, diesel, fabrication, welding, refrigeration, etc… and the faculty advisor for the Academy’s fishing clubs. .

My family and I have owned appx 10 boats that I can recall. From first to last: 14’ MFG, 14’ Grumman tinny, 16’ Amesbury dory, 26’ Freeporter (Columbia), 36’ Novi double ender, 18’ Privateer, 17’ Crestliner, 24’ Fiberform, I currently own a 21’ Trophy, and I currently operate a 31’ H&H downeast commercial fishing as a side job.

As far as outboards, I prefer Evinrude simply because I have owned so many and am familiar with them. If I were purchasing a small OB, I would probably go Tohatsu for the value. For a large OB, I would go Yamaha for the reliability. For inboards, I am impressed by Yanmar and Cummins reliability.

My favorite activity, period, is fishing. A distant second would be a slow putt around NY Harbor with the family taking in the sights and having a laugh.
My favorite location is the Peconic Bay area between the forks of Long Island. The variety of fishing from creeks to coves to bays to the Long Island Sound to the Atlantic Ocean all within 20 miles means you can try something different every time you are out.

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Waterskiing: Letting Your Tension Flow Through The Outlets

The joy of having a day in day out schedule under the blazing sun is what everyone chooses to call stressful and derailing. You want to bounce onto your couch, switch on the television and follow the latest soap opera or sports channel. This does not however give you the relief your body would term as satisfying but a onetime mental pleasure.

When Ralph Samuelson got on the flat boards on Lake Pepin, Minnesota in 1922, he just wanted to experiment what it would be like and if any man could go beyond the religious story of walking on water. He went beyond the human imagination and made it happen by defying the rules of having fun and made it work by letting a boat pull him with a clothesline. He did not become a professional expert by using physics and mathematical equations in a lab, but proved that practice indeed makes perfect. After a few falls from his self-tailored skis, he discovered that leaning backwards and poking the water with the back of the skis. It gave the impression of a clown-shoe tips on water, was the ideal posture. Like every kid in mind, he took the bull by the horns and dared the snows with his new victory. Thanks to his 15 years of generosity to the American people, he got friends and contestants for his shows and contests.

Besides fan, Water-skiing has given the residents and tourists of shallow, deep lakes and oceans a sense of pride for the environment, which has contributed a whole lot to its conservation. This source of income for majority of sportsmen and women in the States has gained popularity and owes its credit to the health and financial benefits it grants those with a heartfelt passion.

Once you get a hunch of the tricks and techniques of the experts, you can get into shows; make it a career in addition to a few hours in the gym to make your body flexible and ready for the unusual movements. You want to have fun; you better make it your pride and joy with practice and commitment. You never know what skill you will add to the latest knee-boarding and somersaulting as you trust the rope and the boat-driver to take you through the waves. Models need not give up the beauty they display on the catwalk; they can add a few more dollars to their remuneration package.

No pain no gain?
Not when you are taking a slide on the greatest source of life: water. It not only gives life to the body internally and makes the external simply enjoy its time. This means that you only need to make a 20 second ran in the tournament skiing and impress the judges besides getting to the finish line first to get the gold trophy. With this sport, you only command to decrease if not bid goodbye fears like muscle-pulls and sores on your feet and joints.

Safety precautions
Just because the water beneath your feet do all the supporting work, you need to run by the 20 feet skiing space rule to ensure the your chances of bumping and breaking your bones stay close to nil. The other rule is the life jackets which need to stay on your back whether you have your name on the hall of fame or taking your first steps in the sport. Safety comes before your desires to let out the playful self.

Take a shot at water-skiing and surprise yourself depending on the direction it takes you. The unbeatable fact remains: you will not regret it.

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