Portable Nav Lights: Now Power with AA Batteries

Portible Navigation LightsUsing proper navigation lighting for small battery/engine-less boats has historically been a challenge, leaving many small boat-owners to choose between buying and maintaining a 12v battery (without a motor to charge it), only boating in the day, or accepting a compromise of their safety.

Fortunately, SeasSense, Attwood, and Innovatvie Lighting saw the issue and came up with a solid solution: portable navigation lights powered by AA or AAA batteries.  All three companies use LED lights, which are bright, long lasting, and use very little energy.

Because we have three quality and marine-specific manufacturers that started addressing this issue, you have your choice between suction-cup or clamp-on mounting types, and the availability of bow-lights, stern-lights, side-lights, and transom-lights, all starting around 25 bucks.

For images, descriptions, or to purchase our Portable LED Nav lights, click on the links below:

Portable LED navigation lights from Innovative Lighting

Portable LED navigation light kit from Attwood

Portable LED clamp-on bow light from SeaSense

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