Product Review – New Moeller “Low Permeation” Portable Fuel Tanks

Boat Fuel TankBack in October of 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency  came out with a new ordinance that affects the way fuel tanks and their parts are made. All fuel tanks are required to meet the evaporative emission standards specified in 40 CFR 1045.112.

The new requirements for are as follows:

  1. A reduced permeation rate on portable fuel tanks (1.5g/m2/per day).
  2. A reduction of fuel vapor from the vented cap on the tank (New cap design required).

Moeller’s portable fuel tank designs are certified for the reduced permeation rate. They were able to achieve this by introducing an additive during the molding process. Now the tanks are certified to both the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) and USCG (United States Coast Guard) requirements as well.

Moeller has also designed a new vent cap to help meet the requirements as indicate above. The new requirements states that caps must have a tether, there must also be an audible “click” letting you know that the cap is on tightly, to seal up to 5 PSI out, allow vacuum in, an external means to temporarily relieve pressure within the tank prior to you filling or connecting back to the engine and in storage mode. All these upgrades are in place to help seal the tank and not allow it to vent.

The changes that Moeller has made in their line of portable fuel tanks has helped keep them in the front of the pack in the boating industry for Marine Fuel tanks. They are amazing products.

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