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Do you think harbors would be safe with a remote controlled defense boat? Known as a USV, Unmanned Surface Vehicle, the new inflatable boat from Rafael Industries is built too maneuver in the smallest of places. There was a previous attempt at a USV known as the Piranha USV Concept. The downside to the Piranha was it’s bulkiness and size. This limited what can be done and what can be protected. View the Piranha concept in the picture below.

Now the much smaller inflatable boat by Rafael Industries is known as the Protector. The Protector can be customized depending on the mission. Articles show that this vessel is capable of operating multiple small caliber weapons.

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  1. Evan says:

    The only down side to this is extreme inclement weather which could severely damage this vessel. unlike the UAV you can board this vessel in a small craft with minimal radar cross section or simply by swimming up to it while it is not making way.

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