Scuba Diving [SHBT]

Dive FlagMy dad and I were scuba diving in a place we like to go up at my cottage. There are usually bass and pike to watch and lures and anchors to find. It is however, a spot people fish occasionally.

Anyway, one day we show up, and there is nobody around. It’s the middle of the week and so we figured nobody was coming, so we fly our divers-down flag and off we go. Well, about 1/2 hour later, I’m looking around and I see something shiny hooked on a log. I figure, great, a brand new lure (1st mistake). I can see it’s stuck in the log, so naturally I took no notice of the fishing line hanging off of it, so I picked it out of the log. Unfortunately, as soon as I get it out, the line tightens and the lure gets stuck in what I thought was my finger, but fortunately it turned out to be my Kevlar glove instead (thank god for Kevlar). Now I’m being dragged up to this guy’s boat, and I’m sort of going along with it. I figure I can have some fun while I’m hooked on this guys tackle. So I stay deep and come up right under the boat, and just as I get to the surface, my arm gets netted. I swear this guy nearly crapped his pants, and after a quick lesson in flags and what they mean, the fisherman was off to a quieter spot.

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