Solar powered USB & AA Battery charger for 2012

solar powered battery charger

While browsing through our new products for 2012, I ran across a nifty new item from PowerFilm that I would have loved to have: A solar-powered battery charger that works for most small USB devices, as well as AA batteries.

One of the major benefits of this unit is that rather than the solar energy going straight to your device or batteries, the charger is a battery itself, taking about four hours to charge when exposed to direct sun, allowing you to store the charge to use when the sun goes down.

When folded, the unit is compact with dimensions of 3.25 x 5.5 x 1.38”, and light, weighing less than a 1/3 lb, making it easy to store and forget about, or comfortably tote around. Unfolded, the unit is 24” x 5.5′

While this accessory would be wise to keep on your boat for emergencies, it would also be a great tool for back-packing trips, camping, or any other leisurely activity where electricity is not readily available.

To view PowerFilm’s Solar charger, click here.


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