Engine Won’t Turn Over [SHBT]

From an iboats Boating Forums member, with plenty of replies from others with similar “tricks”:

Lets set the stage…

Its early morning, and I am waxing and wiping down the boat to get ready for a day in the sun. I have friends coming from out of state for a day of boating and fun. I let my 2.5 year old daughter run around the inside of the boat while I work. She loves to honk the horn and pretend to drive “Daddy’s boat”.

So I finish up my work, and she is looking pretty, and ready to go. I load up and meet my friends at the dock. We load their stuff into the boat and back her into the water.

Now, I built my engine from scratch all by myself. I take a LOT of pride in that. It starts instantly every time, and runs perfectly.

So, the outdrive is down, engine primed, turn the key, and RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRR



It turns over just fine… but not even a hint of catching.

I begin to get nervous… I pull the flame arrestor and check for fuel… yup, its got fuel.

Try again… same thing.

Try full throttle, part, none… try everything.

I pull the lead from the coil off the dist. and check for spark… CRAP!!! No spark. I start checking connections to the coil… all good.

Well, crap, the coil must have gone bad… I begin to break the news to my friends. I feel terrible… I crank the boat back on the trailer, and pull her out. I start unloading their stuff, and my non-boating friend looks at me and says, “Is the kill switch supposed to be off?”


Yup, I guess when my little angel was playing with daddy’s boat, she found the little red kill switch.

I flipped it, and backed her in again… turn the key, and it instantly roars to life.

Boy, did I feel dumb… at least the day was saved!!!

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