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How To Clean Your Boat Cover

Cleaning your boat cover is a great way to keep your cover in good shape.  From weather changes to dirt and pet hair, there are a lot of elements that can cause your cover to get dirty throughout the year.  … Continue reading

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2012 Yamaha 242 Limited S [NBSR]

Today’s New Boat Showroom spotlight: 2012 Yamaha 242 Limited S As always while you are there, submit a review, or your comments about the boats. Check out other Yamaha boat models in our New Boat Showroom.  

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Outboards, Sterndrives, and Inboards: Comparison

Outboard motors, also known as OB’s, are the most common motor in the marine industry.  The motor is mounted to the boat’s transom and is visible from the steering wheel.  The horsepower range is between 1.5hp to 350 hp. Outboard … Continue reading

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OEM vs. Aftermarket

When buying boat parts, should you buy an aftermarket part, or stick with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts?  There is some controversy over this, but the debate is far from being cut and dried. Like most others, I once believed … Continue reading

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