Top 5 Best Selling Boat Cleats

Every year thousands of boat cleats break off from boats. Chances are you may need to replace your cleats in the near future. iboats is here to help when you are in that situation. Below are our 5 best selling boat cleats:

  1. Boat CleatsSeaDog Line Open Base Cleat 4″ & 6″
  2. Stainless Steel CleatSeasense Soft Point Stainless Steel Cleat 4-1/2″ & 6″
  3. Galvanized CleatSeasense Galvanized Boat Cleat 6″ & 8″
  4. Nylon Boat CleatSeasense Black Nylon Boat Cleat 4-1/2″ & 8″
  5. Nylon Boat CleatAttwood Nylon Boat Cleat 6-1/2″
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