Welcoming Whitecap Industries!

Whitecap - Marine Teak Products

As some of you have seen on the pages of iboats.com, we have brought in a new line of Marine Teak Products. Whitecap Industries is the leading manufacturer of top quality teak. We offer a wide array of products, from cabinet doors and louvered vents to cabin and galley storage racks.

Teak is one of the world’s most desired hardwoods ever, due to the fact that it is incredibly durable and resists warping, rotting, and insects. It can withstand the most harsh of weather conditions. Not only is teak durable, but it is beautiful to look at and feel. With each piece having its own color variations and intricate design, no two pieces are the same.

Whitecap teak products are made from fully aged, kiln dried lumber. The teak is grown on specially managed forests, so that we can get the best product out there while being able to replace what we use.

This was just a little “Get to know you” about our newest product line. With that being said, we would like to say, WELCOME TO THE IBOATS FAMILY!

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