Used Boat Prices

How to value a used boat:

  • Find similar boats in the iboats classifieds and check their prices. This is important in finding out what price you should buy or sell at.
  • Next, check the price guide to see if the prices match up.
  • If the value of the boat is over $50,000 then you may want to enlist the help of a broker if you are selling.
  • If you are buying a boat of considerable value you may want to hire a marine surveyor.
  • Here is a link to find out what loan rate you can get: Boat Loans

Selling a boat:

  • The iboats boat classifieds are the way to go as they are visited by millions of boaters.
  • Each week up to several hundred boats are sold on iboats.
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Buying a boat:

  • Appraisals can change depending on the area in which you live.
  • If a boat has been in saltwater this may reduce its value.
  • Be sure to check a boat and its engine carefully when buying.
  • Sometimes an engine may be worth more than the craft itself.
  • Having a boat inspected by a professional before buying is a good idea.
  • Quality materials are much more important when it comes to boating.
  • Is it Coast Guard approved? Make sure you are buying a safe craft!
  • Did you know that dealers will usually help you sell your used boat.
  • Our appraisal guide is available 24 hours a day so come back whenever you need it!
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