The Importance of a Quality DC Electrical System
Thereís an old axiom that states, ďThe strongest chain is only as reliable as its weakest link,Ē and the same analogy can be applied to your boatís DC electrical system. Put it in a harsh marine or freshwater environment, where a vesselís wiring and components are subjected to more concentrated abuse in one season than your family car would experience in five years, and itís easy to realize that small electrical problems can get out of hand very quickly.

Safety onboard starts with a reliable DC electrical system that is installed and designed with the proper high quality wiring, components and connections to fulfill all of your intended DC tasks. If youíre tempted to take shortcuts when wiring your boat, donít,
as these types of cost-cutting measures can come back to bite you at the worst possible moments, potentially compromising the safety of your boat and crew.

So, whether you ply freshwater lakes, back bays, coastal areas, or make long distance bluewater runs to the edge of the continental shelf, be sure to select high-quality, low voltage DC electrical products designed specifically for the harsh marine environments.

Now you can spend more time enjoying your boating experience and less time dealing with unwanted electrical hassles.
SeaLink 12 Volt ConnectPro Charging & Trolling
The SEALINK12 Volt family of products are manufactured from corrosion resistant marine grade materials. Exclusive to SEALINK products is a unique interconnecting system that securely locks the plug into the receptacle resulting in a positive and moisture proof connection. The plug and receptacle feature optimized metal connection points for maximum conductivity. The ConnectPro trolling motor plug and receptacle is a revolutionary concept in trolling motor DC connections. The ConnectPro system has superior electric current carrying capacity that eliminates problems that rob motors of power and reduce battery life. The ConnectPro system features locking plug and receptacle and spring clamping connection which provides a secure electrical contact.