iboats.com to Launch New Marketing Initiatives

Press Release | January 4, 2002

As featured in the Friday, January 4, 2002 edition of Boating Industry International Online.

United States

Having introduced its new 2.0 edition of their dealer Web site earlier this week, iboats.com plans to launch a set of major marketing initiatives in the near future, said the company on Thursday, 3 January.

The Internet firm expects that the advantages of the new edition are such that all of its dealers will move to the new system shortly and it will be able to attract new customers, said President and Chief Executive Officer Bruno Vassel III. In fact, iboats.com has been holding back the marketing of its marine business website solutions until after the new 2.0 package was released.

New agreements
Agreements are in the works with several state associations who will be joining the Southern California Marine Association and Marine Industries Association of Florida in exclusively endorsing iboats.com as the website service provider for both the associations and their members, said Vassel.

An agreement also has been reached with an industry player who will be introducing the iboats' website program to its retailer customers across the United States. The details of this agreement will be announced prior to the Miami International Boat Show, according to iboats.com.

The company continues to recruit state and regional marine trades associations as its primary partners in expanding the iboats dealer website network.

Dealers split over recession
The Internet firm said it is optimistic that the marine industry will rebound this year. "This will be especially evident in the dramatic growth that has been and will continue to take place in Internet-related sales," said Vassel.
Thus far, dealers have been split in their reaction to the recession. Vassel said some dealers have turned to the Internet as a way to protect and strengthen their businesses during the downturn while others have chosen to wait for an upturn in the economy before they get involved with marketing efforts on the Internet.

Details of new edition
The new 2.0 site package, which can be added to existing websites, delivers performance enhancements, increased flexibility and the potential to capture more marine-related traffic, according to the company.

The new version offers individual inventory sections for boats, engines and trailers; unlimited photos per boat; title and caption availability for each image; increased information availability per listing; different sales contact information and locations per listing; and the ability to change the sorting of listings.

Featured upgrades to the overall layout and appearance include unlimited pages; customizable page names with associated button or link text; customizable header and footer per page; more color combination possibilities for buttons, page backgrounds, text and links; the ability to use background images; and the ability to request individual custom page layouts, said iboats.com.

In addition, all pages are now saved as static HTML pages and can be easily indexed by search engines, according to the company. All pages also have metatags to improve their ranking in search engines; and more detailed stat reports are sent to customers weekly.

iboats.com anticipates a major increase in business as a result of the new program, said Vassel..

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iboats, inc, located in Salt Lake City, Utah is a privately-held company devoted to building the sales and profits of marine retailers. More information on the new dealer Web site package and other services iboats.com offers is available at www.iboats.com or by calling 1-800-869-1686.


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