iboats.com Marine Forums Hit 1 Million Posts

Press Release | March 14, 2006

Salt Lake City, UT - March 14, 2006 - The online community of boating enthusiasts, which makes up the Boating Forums area in www.iboats.com, reached a significant milestone today as the one-millionth post was added to the site, the company said in a press release today.

There are currently 23 different Forums offered on iboats.com that focus on various specific boating, marine engines, fishing, sailing, trailers, water activities and destination topics.  iboats.com also recently added an additional 99 other boat-brand specific Forums where boaters can help or exchange information with others who own the same boat brand.

The total number of topics and questions discussed in these Forums has grown to 152,063 topics. The average number of answers…or posts…per question has also continued to increase and is at 6.6 answers per question, up from 6.1 posts per question a year ago and 5.6 two years ago.  Some individual questions continue to generate from 20 to over 75 responses.

Free of charge, anybody can go online and access the iboats.com Forums, do key-word or topic-specific searches, and read both the questions and answers online.  Thousands of people read the Forums daily.  Asking a question in the Forums is also free of charge but does require that the person register as a “member” in order to receive a password that permits the person to do future postings in the Forums.  Currently there are over 71,000 registered Forum members on iboats.com.

"It is clear that there are very large numbers of boaters throughout North America and the world who need help on an extremely wide range of boating, engines, and other marine-related topics, and that iboats.com is helping to fill those needs through our free, large and powerful online keyword-search-capable Forums," said Bruno Vassel III, president and CEO of iboats, Inc. "We also appreciate the dealers, manufacturers and many thousands of other very knowledgeable individuals who regularly participate in our Forums, helping to make the answers provided as correct and helpful as possible."


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