iboats.com online forums hit 20,000 members

Press Release | March 19, 2003

United States

The 20,000th member has recently joined the free boating-related forums produced on the Internet by iboats.com, the company announced in a Tuesday, March 18 statement.

Found at forums.iboats.com , iboats' forums now have over 165,917 posts covering 32,967 boating topics and questions, with thousands of people visiting these forums daily. The average question receives answers from 5 different posts, while some questions receive as many as 50 or even 100 different posts, the company stated.

"The initial intent back in January of 2000 when we started our first forum was to provide consumers with help for their outboard motors, everything from maintenance and how to do simple repairs, to winterizing, finding parts, and determining the year and model of an engine," said Bruno Vassel III, chairman and CEO of iboats, inc. "Most of these kinds of questions can eat up a tremendous amount of a boat dealer's time without generating revenues. So we wanted to reduce this unproductive work load from the dealers while providing the boating public with specific and genuine help."

Forums broken down into specific categories

Vassel said that by early 2001, it became clear by the very large number of people using the iboats-forum that just one such discussion group covering all boating-related topics was not enough. The subject matter and interests of individual boaters were far too broad.

"So we asked our forum users to help us divide up our single discussion group into several more topic-specific forums. What we ended up with are the 10 different topic headings that we provide today online."

The most popular of iboats' forums include; Outboard Engine Troubles & Questions, I/O or Inboard Engine Troubles & Questions, Boat Questions (not engine questions), Sailing, Project Boats and Backyard Boat Building, Fishing, Stupid Human Tricks While Boating/Fishing, and Nothing to Do With Boats, Vassel said.

"Many of the thousands of regular participants on these discussion groups are mechanics and even dealers," said Vassel.


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