iboats.com’s social network tops 200,000 members

Press Release | March 24, 2010

Reporting increasing strong interest in their online social network, iboats.com said they just passed the 200,000 members mark. Their current membership is 200,810.

Other updated numbers from iboats.com indicate 2,533,878 posts are now available within their online community answering 371,043 boating and water activities-related questions.

The company further reported their total Internet traffic grew by 32% for 2009 over 2008. Through mid-March of 2010 they reported their traffic has grown by an additional 19% over 2009. Several million boaters per month visit their website.

iboats.com Chief Executive Bruno Vassel III said that "while boaters may not have bought as many new boats recently as we hoped for, boaters certainly continue to use their existing boats. Our online parts and accessories business increased by a very healthy 30% last year over 2008 and this year's P&A sales in March are up an even greater percentage over last year's strong numbers."

"To provide a helpful and free service to millions of boaters, we have spent the last ten years building a strong online boating community," Vassel continued. "At iboats.com boaters receive every conceivable kind of help regarding their specific boat, motor and/or boating activity or destination. The result is that at any given minute of any day or night, there are from about 500 to well over a thousand boaters communicating with each other within our site…seven days a week, 365 days a year. Besides the 200,000 participating registered members, there are millions of other boaters each month who come to iboats.com and do research, search for boats, purchase parts and help other boaters. Those who then want to share their own expertise, stories, experiences and photos with others are free to join."

Vassel also believes that their site has emerged as an undisputed "full-service" leader online within the boating Internet space, offering more marine parts and accessories for sale (1.8 million SKUs), more and more qualified new and used-boat leads sent to participating dealers, and more help offered to the boating public through their community than ever before.

iboats, inc., located in Salt Lake City, Utah is a privately held corporation that focuses on building the sales and profits of marine retailers, and providing new and used boat information and e-commerce to consumers. More information on iboats.com services is available at www.iboats.com.


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