iboats.com increases dealer/broker leads

Press Release | September 8, 2003

United States

iboats.com has just completed another round of enhancements in design and functionality to the Internet solutions they offer to their hundreds of participating boat dealers and brokers. Part of these changes included a redesign of many of the iboats.com classifieds pages accessed by over 3 million consumers in August.

"When we set out to further upgrade our dealer and broker web sites and classified pages several months ago we had the goal of increasing the number of leads sent to our participating dealers and brokers while also further enhancing and simplifying the search experience for the end-user boating public," said Bruno Vassel III, iboats.com President & CEO.

"With the upgrades completed, test results over the last eight weeks have shown an approximate 11% overall increase in leads being sent to our participating dealers and brokers who posted their boats on iboats.com over the previous eight weeks. This increase combined with an additional 91% increase in total traffic to iboats.com during the last twelve months, means a lot more potential customers are now being sent to dealers and brokers," said Vassel.

Located at www.iboats.com/dealers the iboats' Dealers Network explains the enhanced, easy-to-use services iboats.com now offers to boat dealers and brokers. It also contains detailed descriptions and sample pages for each of the services provided.

iboats, inc., located in Salt Lake City, Utah is a privately held corporation that focuses on building the sales and profits of marine retailers. More information on iboats' dealer Web site packages and other services is available at www.iboats.com or by calling 1-800-869-1686.


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