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It's Electronic Throttle and Steering for the 'Kicker'
By Barret Dickinson & MarineTech

Those who understand slow trolling also understand how important boat speed and heading are to a successful day of catching.

A gradual revolution is occurring in both the fresh and saltwater markets. Avid and weekend anglers are realizing the advantages of using smaller horse power auxiliary or 'kicker' motors to augment the main engine(s) when trolling for long periods. The successful development of small horse power, 4-stroke engines to be paired with their high horsepower 4-stroke cousins has led to optimized fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs, allowing for hours of inexpensive slow trolling.

To make controlling your kicker easier and independent from your big engine/main mover, the folks at MarineTech developed the TrollMaster kicker control. When interfaced with one of several different models of the Panther Electro Steer, also a MarineTech product, TrollMaster will allow the boater to control the boat's direction or heading and speed as well, all with the same remote control.

With a TrollMaster system, there's no more manual gyrations bumping the tiller and throttle back and forth with your knees or elbow in an attempt to maintain your speed and course. TrollMaster allows you to adjust and maintain to within a One-tenth of a mile per hour in most boats all at the 'touch of a button'. The system utilizes state-of-the-art digital technology in three different hand-held or panel mounted control modules.

All models feature an idle speed button allowing the operator to immediately power down to change bait presentation or simply land a fish. They also feature max throttle function to momentarily increase speed for quick course changes or to 'flutter' baits.

TrollMaster offers 13 motor-specific linkage kits designed to work with most of those 4-stroke 'kickers' up to 40 hp. All control units have water resistant, LCD displays with 0-500 incremental speed adjustments.

No, using a TrollMaster isn't lazy, it's smart. Check out the great early spring deals on TrollMaster units right here:

Barret Dickinson is an avid angler, hunter and overall outdoorsman. He's one of the luckiest guys around because as the National Sales Manager for MarineTech Products, he gets paid to go fishing as often as he can get close enough to water to demonstrate one of their great products.

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