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Product Spotlight | Get Into The Swing Of Things For Better Watersports Towing

Back in the day, we had a limited number of ways to attach a ski or tow rope to our family runabout, bowrider or 'fish-n-ski' boats. And, no one even considered that kind of fun behind a pontoon boat.

Remember tying your ski rope to a three-point pylon that would barely reached over the outboard motor and you had a bunch of toe-stubbing hardware on deck that made getting in and out of the back of the boat more difficult?

Don't forget about the steel cable system that would attach to two U-bolts on the transom that are really there as trailering anchor points. If the float for that cable wouldn't work and the cable would sink, your prop could eat that cable and you'd have an expensive repair bill.

We now see many boats with beautiful wakeboard towers but most wakeboard tower manufacturers and boat builders strongly recommend against or expressly prohibit towing tubes and water toys.

Many people don't know it or believe it but some watersports enthusiasts are also engineers. Yes, they too take time from their computer screens to have fun on the water. Some pretty smart engineers put their minds together to develop a great new towing bar rig called 'TurboSwing'. They studied the forces those of us behind the boat exert on the line, all the where's, why's and how's to put together this very simple device that helps us enjoy our ride better and the boat driver keep better control. The design helps deliver a smooth consistent pull through its pulley system and reduce rope slack to the folks being towed. The TurboSwing tow bar is built strong enough to tow hundreds of pounds including tubes, the kids and their friends.

TurboSwing is a convenient way to enjoy towed watersports when a wakeboard tower is not an option or not recommended for use with tubes.

TurboSwing elevates the tow rope above the wake, provides smooth consistent pulls, and can improve towing power and fuel efficiency. It can be mounted to virtually any outboard powered boat - ranging from inflatables, to runabouts, to cruisers and pontoons.

The tow rope can be quickly snapped to a pulley on the tow bar which enables the rope to smoothly travel from side to side resulting in less effort and better performance for those in tow and greater stability and maneuverability of the boat. You can even pull multiple riders simultaneously.

TurboSwing is the perfect tool to help transform you outboard powered pontoon boat into a fun towboat.

TurboSwing is made from strong, corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. Its mounting brackets attach directly to the outboard motor mount. Installation is not difficult.

The tow bar forms a semi-circle around the engine(s). There are different sizes of the TurboSwing to properly mate up to your engine and boat. Possibly one of the best features of the unobtrusive TurboSwing is that the swing's bar can be removed with minimal effort when you want to convert your boat back to its original state for cruising, fishing or whatever else you enjoy.

You can get your TurboSwing at great early season savings right here:

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