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Nautical Humor | Boating Cartoon
By Jerry King

Enjoy our humor feature of boating cartoons drawn by renowned cartoonist Jerry King. You can view new boating cartoons daily on our website, follow this link for more cartoons.

You Won't Believe Your Eyes | Unbelievable Photos
Photos from our Facebook page

Lighten up your day and enjoy a few select "unbelievable" images from our I Love Boating Facebook page!

To view more "unbelievable" photos, visit the Facebook page I Love Boating. Enjoy!

Stupid Human Boating Tricks | from the Forums
From our Forums page

As always, Stupid Human Boating Tricks from our very own Forums and I Love Boating Facebook page.

  • I talked to a long time friend the other day and I told him we were getting into boating again. He told me he bought an old boat and trailer and motor, cheap, awhile back but that it has cost him $1200 already. He was pushing it back into his garage by hand and just as it got to the door of the garage it hit a little step in the concrete and bounced forward and hit him in the mouth cracking two front teeth $1200. OUCH!!!
  • So, my old boss calls me up (We hauled boats for the insurance companies) and tells me he bought a boat from a local dealer to use as parts for a boat he was fixing up. He asked me to go pick it up. So I go down to the CAR dealership it was at (should of been my first clue to make sure nothing was wrong first) hooked up to the trailer, made sure the boat was tied down and pulled out. I made it about 300 yards up the road, just around a big blind curve on the busy 4 lane road, when I hear an awful explosion. I see the boat and trailer sliding sideways and the axle shooting across the road.

    You guessed it, the U-bolts were rusted out, and the first bump I hit sent the axle flying across the road, somehow not hitting any cars, but giving several people a heart attack. So I lock my truck in 4x4 and managed with everything my turbo diesel had to get the trailer and boat over the curb and into the grass (mind you this is a 20ft bowrider, should of been no problem to drag) and start figuring my next course of action, which of course, is cuss myself for not checking out the trailer.

    Well, we were pretty good buddies with this particular dealer, as he bought a lot of the boats we had that weren't badly damaged, repaired and sold them. So, I unhook this POS from my truck, drive back to the dealership, where everyone is surprised to see me back without the trailer and even more confused when I drive out of the back lot with the 40ft flatbed trailer behind me. So here I go, pull up on the side of the road in front of this boat, park my truck and big trailer. Then I walk back to the lot to get the mechanic and the backhoe. I tell the mechanic whats going on as we pass a very worried looking owner in his backhoe heading onto the street. We get there, we run straps under the boat and trailer and onto the backhoe bucket. Using the backhoe we lift this whole contraption in the air, and back my truck under it, strap it down, and I tell him, "You take the backhoe back. I'm done walking!"

    Boy was the look on my old boss's face priceless when his new parts boat showed up like that.

To get free answers to boating questions, from boaters around the world, or to simply read more boating humor and boating discussion boards, visit the free Forums.

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