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Reading & Boating: Making Sense of Charts & Markers on the Fly

From Yamaha Marine

Even small children know what street signs mean. Stop, one-way and the like come easily. But boating traffic aids are different. First of all, the words "map" and "sign" aren't even part of the lingo when it comes to nautical navigation...

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Boating Gifts Under $100

Finding the perfect gift for a boater can be a challenge. It's even more difficult to find a gift that will fit into your holiday budget. Luckily, has a lot of affordable gifts that any avid boater will love. Here are a few gift ideas under $100 for that boat lover in your family...

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Ivory Sail Pond
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Stupid Human Boating Tricks
From our Forums page

Ok, so a couple months back, I was fishing with one of my many Brothers-in-law. We did pretty good a lot of big Bluegills. Finally we had to go in to clean fish for dinner. We were on a small lake. I got across the big part of the lake and the boat started to slow down...

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You Won't Believe Your Eyes
Photos from our Facebook page

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Nautical Joke Boating Cartoon

Enlarge Cartoon

Ask The Experts | Don't Store Your Boat With An Empty Fuel Tank
By Tom Bingham

Winter weather snuck up quickly on most of the country, and many people are finding themselves racing to prepare their boats for storage before the low temperatures are here to stay...
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Product Spotlight | Fall In Love With The SeaDoo GTX 215
By Matt Train

I don't get into the habit of naming boats that I test. I leave that for the future owner, hopefully someone who reads these reviews, gleans insight or some faint meaning from them, and extrapolates that out to a purchase decision...
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Product Spotlight | Cover Up For Winter!
By Navigloo

If you are anything like me, putting your boat away for the winter is not only depressing, it's a huge pain in the neck. Not only do we have to deal with the prospect of saying goodbye to those lovely long, lazy days on the water which will yield to yet another interminable Winter, but we have to face the miserable chores associated with winterizing our best friend... Read More

Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell |
The day the bison came to visit.

Article courtesy of JB Cornwell

It was a day in the early '90s. I heard a commotion in the yard in the early morning. Thinking it was my daughter's horses, I ignored it...

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