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Nautical Humor

It all depends on your perspective.

A Texan, driving across Southern Idaho, sees a farmer relaxing as he fishes from a skiff in the small pond adjoining his few acres of plowed land. Curiosity and Texas pride got the best of him, so he stopped and inquired of the farmer about his land holdings. "Do you mean to tell me that this is the extent of your spread?" he asked.

"Yup" came the reply, "What you see is all I got."

"Son, back in Texas, I've got a ranch so big... why even the lake is so wide that it takes me all day just to cruise in my boat from one side to the other."

Setting down his fishing pole the farmer looks at his boat, then at the Texan and says, "Ya know, I used to have a boat like that myself."

Stupid Human Boating Tricks

Stupid Human Boating Tricks from Our Very Own Forums

A friend in the Coast Guard told me about this a few years ago...

A father and son had been out for a day of fishing. The Coast Guard received a call from a frantic boat owner about an explosion/fire on their boat off Long Beach. Upon arrival, the owner expressed "a strong desire to be removed from his vessel" even though the fire had apparently blown itself out by virtue of its own explosion.

After questioning the men, the following determination was made: The two men had exceeded the range of the fuel capacity of the boat, They had two 5 gallon jerry cans of gasoline on board for that reason. Investigators found that the explosion occurred when a spark from the starter ignited the ten gallons of gasoline that the men had poured down one of the rod holders! Strange but true!

Posted by Forums member: markvictor

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