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Insurance Corner – Thinking about canceling over the Winter? Ask the Experts – LED Lights Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell Nautical Humor – How fast were you going? Stupid Human Boating Tricks Boat Review – Maxum 3100 SE Featured Products and Specials

Nautical Humor Joke

How fast were you going when you hit shore?

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Stupid Human Boating Tricks

She hits the brakes and the boat and trailer goes flying off the hitch, and everything is rolling into the lake.

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Insurance Corner | Thinking about canceling over the Winter?
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The lake is frozen solid, the dock is covered in snow, and the only thing your boatís been good for is hiding Christmas presents from ever-curious children (and now even that is over). So why not save a few dollars and consider canceling your boat insurance policy? After all, what could possibly happen to your prized possession during the winter months when itís locked away in the garage? The answer: Quite a lot.

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Ask the Experts | LED Lights

I have an older boat and some of my lights need replacing. Iím thinking about upgrading to LED lights. What should I know?

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Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell | The Wonderful SportYak II

I decided I had to have a boat of some sort . . . canoe, kayak or maybe a very small jon or punt. Then I ran onto an ad in the local paper:

"The wonderful SportYakII. Worlds safest small boat, capacity to 700lb. Optional engine mount for up to 3HP. Weighs only 50lb. $210."

That sounded like it would fill the bill. It was only 7' long and at 50lb. I could easily fit it into the back of my station wagon. I trotted over to the vendor, plunked down my $250 ($40 for an optional engine mount) and came home with the SportYak and an engine mount.

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Boat Review | Maxum 3100 SE
Courtesy of Boating Magazine

Throw a rock at any marina and you'll likely hit a good-looking, good-performing express cruiser. Finding one that's also practical is more challenging. So I was pleased that Maxum's 3100 SE had cord wraps for shorepower cables, cleats positioned where hanging a fender makes sense, and standard port and starboard windshield wipers. Sure, many express builders are great at installing backlit headboards, but a glance at their equipment lists tells you that few consider visibility through both sides of the windshield important...

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