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Stupid Human Boating Tricks | from the Forums

As always, Stupid Human Boating Tricks from our very own Forums
Posted by Home Cookin’, Dec. 31, 2009, with additional member comments

Bad Maintenance Technique
A guy told me that when he was used boat shopping, and out on a test cruise, he asked the seller about flushing the motor after use. He said, "I never do that; I like to keep the salt water in there so it won't freeze."

My guy said he just remembered he had to be somewhere and went back to shore; went and bought a new boat.

  • There are just so many things wrong with the seller's technique I don't know where to begin . . .
  • Wow! Have to admit. I would like to see what that engine looks like. Bet the rust is holding it together!
  • That is horrible! I have a 25ft carver with a 350 in it, and I always drain it and fill with antifreeze for the winter. this keeps it from rusting and freezing.
  • Sounds like a plan to get a new boat every few years. "Honey, the engine will cost about $5000 to repair . . . we can replace it for just a little more!"
  • He will never make a living as a salesman!
  • I have to add this: if he's somehow keeping salt water up in there, he's a moron. And I don't know how you'd do that in the upper part of the motor; you can keep water in the lower unit by tilting in while in the water and keeping it up (and it will freeze).
  • But there are lots of salt water motors that seldom if ever get flushed and they do just fine; flushing is a relatively new thing to salt water boating. Now, I think you should flush when you can, but it's not the end of the world if you don't.
  • Well if it was an outboard not much water would stay in the motor anyways - still a silly thing to say and actually believe.
  • Which is a good reason not to buy a boat from a guy who thinks (or doesn't) that way. Who knows what other clever ways he had to maintain his boat? ("Barnacles protect the hull from getting scratched")

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