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Insurance Corner | Risk Factors Ask the Experts | Propeller Selection Basics Ask the Experts | 5 Boat Show Tips Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell Nautical Humor Stupid Human Boating Tricks You Won’t Believe Your Eyes Featured Products and Specials

Nautical Humor

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Stupid Human Boating Tricks

Over the years I’ve lost to the sea, everything from cell phones to coffee pots. Usually it's just a hat, it sucks when you lose a 10 HP kicker motor... I'm just saying.

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Insurance Corner | Risk Factors – What Affects Your Boat Insurance Rate?
Sponsored content by NBOA Marine Insurance

To ensure you are getting the maximum amount of savings on your boat insurance, it is important that you understand how the variables can affect you and more importantly, what to ask for when receiving a quote. The following is a list of variable discounts that could be applied to your policy...

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Ask The Experts | Propeller Selection Basics
Article courtesy of Yamaha Motors

Choosing the best propeller for your boat isn’t nearly as complicated as it may seem... Propeller selection boils down to a couple simple questions. The first question flags the props that could be suitable for your application and guides you toward appropriate propeller series. The second question further narrows the field to specific types, and potential size ranges of propellers that could do the job...

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Ask The Experts | 5 Boat Show Tips
Article courtesy of Nautic Global Group

If you’re in the market for a new boat, the boat show can be a great place to work a deal. Of course, it can also be a dizzying and confusing experience if you’re not prepared. The good news is that with a little research and some easy planning, you can head through the front door with confidence...

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Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell | Fishing Boats I Have Known

I did fish from boats before the 1960s, but they were always somebody else’s boats. Mostly they were “Jon” type boats constructed from a few pine planks with square bows, a couple of plank seats and sometimes a livewell. They usually also leaked profusely...

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes | Unbelievable Photos

Lighten up your day and enjoy a few select “unbelievable” images from our I Love Boating Facebook page!

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Nautical Humor | Boating Cartoon

Enjoy our humor feature of boating cartoons drawn by renowned cartoonist Jerry King. You can view new boating cartoons regularly on our website, follow this link for more cartoons.

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