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Nautical Humor | Things you won't hear a true fisherman say

Things you won't hear a true fisherman say . . .

"Wow, I've never caught a fish that big!"
"Hey! Lets take our wives fishing!"
"My truck can't get through that!"
"Let's go shopping, fishing can wait."
"Hank, those hip boots make your butt look big and they don't match your belt!"
"Hey, we don't need to buy those fishing flies Melvin, let's send our wives flowers instead?"
"I don't think Duct Tape will fix that."
"I caught all those rainbows on night crawlers."
"I feel pretty guilty not washing those breakfast dishes before coming out here to fish!"
"Hey somebody come land this 20" rainbow for me. I need to straighten up the camp."
"I can't participate in National Hunting and Fishing Day cause my neighbor is throwing a Tupperware party and I really need a mixing bowl."
"I think electronic fish finders should be banned."
"C'mon, man, we can watch bass fishing anytime! Figure skating is on!"
"We got to throw this fish back, I don't think it will fit in the frying pan."

Stupid Human Boating Tricks | from the Forums

"Please caption this photo" and "Boat Names" gather the most popularity of views and posts in the Boating Forums, for “Stupid Human Boating Tricks.” And for good reason – misery loves company! Right? We thought it would be fun to share a recent posted photo and some of the captions. If you love a chuckle, you can read more online in the Forums.

Here’s a handful of captions we picked out from the Forums. Have fun creating your own!

  • I just joined the "forgot trailer at launch" club.
  • You think trim tabs will help me get on plane faster?
  • Dang, this truck doesn't have the pulling power it used to.
  • Mapquest says the lake should be right here!
  • For some reason the left side is trimming closer than the right.
  • CAUTION: Do not use this automotive GPS for marine navigation.
  • "Sir, would you please exit the watercraft and step back here twards the cruiser...I suspect you have been drinking. The lake is over two miles from here"
  • Sorry son, but I'ma hafta write you a ticket for no flashers, no license plate and ...... um .... no trailer!
  • Road rash or road kill.
  • Cooler with beer and sandwiches- $50
    Gas for the truck- $100
    Pontoon boat- $5000
    Trailer- pricele$$

By the way, here’s the low-down on what actually happened:

"Allow me to clarify and edify on the photo. We had a tire blowout and came safely to the side of the road. We pulled over as far as we could because of a ditch on the side of the road.

The pontoon was on a scissor trailer. We lowered the pontoon to the ground, pulled the trailer out and changed the tire. Not quite as dangerous as the photo depicts.

But still, add more captions.

PS. One of my buddies climbed into the back of the pontoon and was "fishing" from the rear seat in the ditch. You should have seen the looks on the passersby."

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