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From NBOA – The Right Way to Buy a Boat Boating Madness Accessories Sale! Ask the Experts – Keep Your Boat Forever Young Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell Nautical Humor Stupid Human Boating Tricks Boat Review – Rinker Captiva 248 DB Featured Products and Specials

Nautical Humor Joke

Boaters and fishermen have a great passion for their sport, one that non-boaters may not understand. Perhaps you can relate, then, to the passion of this golfer ...

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Stupid Human Boating Tricks

My wife and son offer to drive the car to that end of the lake and retrieve the boat. Of course, I know better and tell them I will get it. Quickly, I get into the fiberglass canoe and start on my way ...

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From NBOA | The Right Way to Buy a Boat
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As one of the most enjoyable leisure activities, boating can sure be complicated. Whether you are a first time buyer or a veteran, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying a boat. After all, you donít want the best two days of owning your boat to be the day you buy it and the day you sell it!

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part of 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

For many of us, the boating season is almost here. And for others, the season is here and youíre already out enjoying time on the water. Either way, there are always plenty of small, and sometimes large, boating projects to be tackled in order to have a safe, fun boating season. Use the Boating Madness Accessories Sale Ė with extra markdowns from 5-40% Off our already low prices Ė to help ready your boat for the season. And donít miss out on the 10% Off Madness Sale on ALL Sierra engine parts and ALL Teleflex products, including steering, gauges, controls, and more. Plus now to the end of March, take an Extra $15 Off any Bimini Top. Thereís plenty more parts and accessories on sale to help you re-commission your boat – save now with the Boating Madness Sale!

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Ask the Experts | Help Keep Your Boat Forever Young
by Lenny Rudow | Boating Magazine

You can't give your boat hair plugs, Botox injections, or liposuction, but you can give it a face-lift. Want to float Momís Mink in the Fountain of Youth? Following this list of dos and taboos will shave years off your boatís appearance and prevent premature aging.

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Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell | Summer Camp 1945

Camp Kingsley was located on a peninsula where breezes protected us from the ubiquitous mosquitoes that plagued southern Maine. Crescent Lake was a few miles long, as I recall. It seemed huge to me. Across the lake from the camp was Rattlesnake Mountain, said to be a dangerous place for boys to visit.

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Boat Review | Rinker Captiva 248 DB
by Pete McDonald | courtesy of Boating Magazine

Thereís no question about it, there are great deals to be found in the boating market right now whether youíre looking for a new or a used boat. This month's boat review features the 2008 model Rinker Captiva 248 DB. You might still find this boat new in a dealerís inventory – take a look at this review, courtesy of Boating Magazine, and see if you donít agree this is a great value boat.

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