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New, "King Pin" Pole Anchoring System

From Panther/MarineTech

Shallow water, pole style anchors give anglers an easy, cost-effective way to hold their boat in the "sweet spot" for chasing species that often feed in shallow water regardless of wind or current...

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Ask the Experts

By Raimi Merritt

When you think about wakeboarding, most people think about getting on a board, cutting hard at the wake, and throwing a trick. Almost no one gives much thought to balance - except for trying not to fall off - especially when first learning...

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Stupid Human Boating Tricks
From our Forums page

I might have been 6 years old at the time this happened. Living on a river one afternoon I decided to take a neighbors rowboat for a ride. I was late spring and the water was still cold. Anyhow, I got the boat into the water and climbed in...

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You Won't Believe Your Eyes
Photos from our Facebook page

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Nautical Joke Boating Cartoon

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Product Spotlight | Let's Get Cook'n!
By Kuuma Grills

Our friends at Kuuma, makers of grills for your boat, will be helping us all with our onboard, dockside and backyard grilling this season...
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Ask the Experts | What Color Will Your New Outboard Be?

Over the past few years we've seen the proliferation of custom paint schemes for outboard motors. Mostly, they've been more of a "coastal" or saltwater treatment than something seen on freshwater lakes... Read More | Free Bass Fishing Tackle Giveaway
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Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell |
Birds of The Hideout

Article courtesy of JB Cornwell

There are a number of birds that call The Hideout home year round. They are too numerous to name them all, so I will list only those that catch my eye because of their plumage or habits...

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