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Recently the starter was acting funny on my old Evinrude. It was dragging a little bit and would only crank and slowly if I hit it directly with current straight from the battery. I decided I would look into it a little bit and see if I could clean it up and maybe see if I could make it last another season.

So I opened up the starter and sure enough, I found a lot of corrosion around the brushes and the springs were pretty shot. So, I decided I would clean the corrosion and go ahead and order new brushes on ebay for $16.50.

I waited for a week and finally my new brushes get here I am stoked because this has delayed my launch date by a week.

I was taking pictures so I could hand them over to a forum mod and figured changing the brushes would be a cool 'How To' sticky.

I wasn't paying attention to where exactly I was putting the brushes.

If you have never done this job before, there are 4 slots for the brushes to go in. 2 slots are plastic and 2 slots are metal. The positive cable brushes go in the plastic slots, the ground go in the metal slots.

When you are taking pictures and not paying attention you will put the positive in the metal and ground in the plastic and everything will look normal, and it will all go back together exactly right as well. You can even take the starter back out and mount it and make everything go together perfectly. Then you will go to test it and the magic smoke WILL come out.

Then, when you see the smoke and turn the ignition key off NOTHING will happen. So In your MAD RUSH to unhook the ground cable on your battery before your garage catches on fire you WILL kick over the little cup of screws that hold the breather box on the carbs.

Then you will yank the ground wire from the battery, throwing the battery wingnut across the garage.

At which point thankfully the starter will stop.

The smoke will start to clear and you can begin feeling defeated.

Smoke a cigarette and drink a captain and coke and wait 45 minutes for the starter to cool off enough so that you can remove it from the engine.

You will take it back apart seeing that the brushes got hot and that no wires are melted through. Put things where they belong and say, “What the hell, why not give it another shot.”

Luckily it all goes back together without a hitch and the starter turns perfectly now.

A 45 minute job turns into a 3 hours job because now you get to go and find every little screw and that one wingnut you kicked across the floor.

To get free answers to boating questions, from boaters around the world, or to simply read more boating humor and boating discussion boards, visit the free Forums.

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