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Posted by jay merrill, Vice Admiral

My, "I got hooked" story was my own, darn fault. I grabbed a pole with a topwater plug on it, slid my hand down the pole and promptly hooked myself on one barb of a treble hook.

I didn't have insurance at the time and just wasn't up for a $1,000 bill at the ER, just to get a hook out. I tried the bit about cutting the hook and pushing it out, rather than pulling it out. It didn't work - between the toughness of the skin on the inside of my thumb, where I hooked myself, and the fact that I had to rotate the hook in an upwards direction as I pushed, it just didn't want to break the surface.

My answer to the whole thing, was to get some Orajel (topical anesthetic for tooth pain) and a single edge razor, so that I could do some minor surgery. The barb didn't seem to be that deep, so I cut my thumb open, right above it. I didn't get into any deep tissue or muscle, so I was able to get the job done pretty easily. Repeated applications of the Orajel kept the pain level at something that was at least tolerable.

I'm not a doctor and have never played one on TV. I also was not staying at a Holiday Inn, when I did this. Further, I am not a spokesperson of Orajel, nor can I recommend it for "junkyard surgery." All of this said, I got the dang hook out for about five bucks, instead of a grand.

One thing that was sort of amusing about it, though, was when I had to go to an auto parts store, to get a pair of "dikes" (wire cutter) that was heavy enough to snip the hook. The poor girl at the counter couldn't understand what I was asking for, so I lifted my hand up and showed her my thumb, with the lure stilling hanging off of it .... I thought she was going to faint, puke, or both!

Posted by Andy’sDelight, Vice Admiral

Many years ago my father and I went to this shack that my uncle owned in Virginia. No plumbing no nothing, just acres of land in the middle of nowhere with a small river tributary that leads to the James river. I was about 15 years old and we would all just walk down the river casting and picking off bass like candy. I got my lure caught up in a tree and you know the good yank and next thing I know I have 2 hooks deeply embedded in my left shoulder. I go back to the shack where my old man and uncle are trashed, drinking this Polish grain alcohol called Spyritus.

Knowing we are nowhere near help my dad starts pouring the spyritus on the wound and pulling at the hooks to no avail as I'm screaming like hell. My uncle finally yells out in his drunken thick Polish accent "Andrew what the hell...stop pouring it on the boy and make him drink it!!" Next thing I know, at 15 years old, I'm drinking shots of Spyritus. I didn't feel a damn thing when he started ripping the hooks out again haha!

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