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Nautical Humor | Boating Cartoon
By Jerry King

Enjoy our humor feature of boating cartoons drawn by renowned cartoonist Jerry King. You can view new boating cartoons daily on our website, follow this link for more cartoons.

You Won't Believe Your Eyes | Unbelievable Photos
Photos from our Facebook page

Lighten up your day and enjoy a few select "unbelievable" images from our I Love Boating Facebook page!

To view more "unbelievable" photos, visit the Facebook page I Love Boating. Enjoy!

Stupid Human Boating Tricks | from the Forums
From our Forums page

As always, Stupid Human Boating Tricks from our very own Forums and I Love Boating Facebook page.

  • I was recently bringing in my vintage Tahiti jet boat at the upper launch at lake Piru on a windy afternoon. Needless to say, I was struggling tying to keep water from coming over the stern while battling 3 foot wind chop when I saw an 8 foot carpeted 2x6 floating around. As I tried to keep it away from my boat I realized it was one of the runners off my trailer that had come loose and that there was no way to trailer the boat without it.

    Fortunately, two guys saw my plight and jumped in to help position the runner so i could get the boat on enough to take it to the lower launch where I unloaded it and used some trusty duct tape to secure the rail. Thank god the event didn't end up on YouTube.

  • Mt first boat was a 21ft glastron cuddy powered by a mercuiser 165hp. I didnt know much back then about boats, but it ran "sometimes". This was like 17 years ago, me and my buddies used to go fishing all the time with always great success...

    One day we decided to go watch a fireworks show which used to go on every Friday at coney island in Brooklyn. We got to our nice sweet spot to watch the fireworks anchored in and shut down the engine.

    About 30 minutes before the show started, i started to notice the anchor was not holding the bottom, we were drifting to shore pretty fast, so we pulled up the anchor and i tried to start the engine... we were dead in the water, the engine would not even turn over.. ended up being the voltage regulator was bad... i quickly called boatus. They knew me on a first name basis...

    Before they could get to us, we ended up drifting all the way to the jetty's on the beach, we were in the way of the fireworks show, about 10,000 people were hissing at us... because of us the fireworks show would not start... Then my buddy jumped into the water and started pushing the boat off the rocks, when he jumped in everyone cheered him on! Then finally boatus came to the rescue... All 10,000 people started cheering at us and the fireworks began... We only delayed it by about a half hour

    It was definately a trip to remember, i wanted to share with you all... one of many.

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Nautical Humor

Stupid Human Boating Tricks

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

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