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Nautical Humor | Attitude

How much does attitude affect how we age? A reporter was interviewing a Tugboat Captain who was celebrating his 82nd birthday. He was the oldest captain on the river. At the end of the interview the reporter said, "I would love to come back and see you again when you reach 90. The captain said, "Don't see why not. You look healthy enough to make it!"

Stupid Human Boating Tricks | from the Forums

As always, Stupid Human Boating Tricks from our very own Forums

Nothing Like Being Prepared
There is nothing like being prepared . . . and this is nothing like it.

I was headed back to the ramp Saturday after getting brutalized by high winds all morning (National Weather Service blew the forecast yet again), when a bass boat with a couple fathers and young sons (maybe 5 or 7 years old) flagged me down. They were about a quarter mile from the launch and were out of gas, needing a tow. No problem. I asked if they had any luck. "We just got here." I said, "You just got here and you are out of gas already?"

Is that stupid enough? Don't answer, there's more. He tilts his motor up and I notice the two-bladed prop on a 70 hp motor - it originally had 3 blades. Looked like a DIY modification, most likely with a concrete ramp or similar tool.

But wait, there's more. I pull into the no wake zone and untie the tow line, expecting they can use the trolling motor to dock. When they pulled out a couple paddles I said, "Sorry, didn't mean to make you paddle. Trolling motor not working?" "Dead battery."

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