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Ask the Experts – Winterization Checklist Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell Nautical Humor – How to get out of a ticket Stupid Human Boating Tricks – Engine Turn–over Fuel Saving Tips Your Wallet Will Love Featured Products and Specials

Nautical Humor Joke

If you have two people in a boat slapping at each other with the oars, what is it called?

(Answer: Rowed Rage)

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Stupid Human Boating Tricks

Engine Wonít Turn Over

"Well, crap, the coil must have gone bad... I begin to break the news to my friends. I feel terrible... I crank the boat back on the trailer, and pull her out. I start unloading their stuff, and my non-boating friend looks at me and says, "Is the... "

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Ask the Experts

Itís that time of year again, the warm weather is fading fast and for many of us itís time to prepare our boats for winter storage. And so begins the long wait for spring, warm weather and another boating season. Taking protective measures now will assure that your boat will be ready to get back on the water in a few months when you are.

See our Easy 6-Part Boat Winterization Checklist

Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell

When I hooked my next bluegill and was playing it toward me it suddenly took off with unexpected power, then turned and raced toward me. What the...? The shadow was chasing it, and the shadow was a monster bass!! That thing looked to my bugging eyes as though it was...

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Excellence in Efficiency
Florida Sport Fishing Article

In past Review issues, weíve given some timely advice on how to increase your boating fuel efficiency. Here are a few more ideas courtesy of Florida Sport Fishing Magazine, and as the boating season winds down in many parts of the country thereís some tips you can do now to also help for next season.

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