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Honda 115hp Outboard
Sponsored content by Honda Marine

At a recent marine trade show the folks from Honda Marine dragged me in to their booth to show me their new 115hp outboard. I have a bit of a soft spot for their parent company since I still ride my 1980 CB650 motorcycle. Like I tell my wife… it’s a classic (she responds, “well, so are you”. I’m not sure what she means).

The engine is in the standard Honda silver and is nicely sculpted to hide a cowl full. The low-rider look telegraphs its lineage but not its piston arrangement.

The major car companies always tell us that their racing efforts eventually show up on street cars. Well, for this Honda 115, their street car is showing up on the water. This engine is derived from the 2.4 liter (or litre), inline, 4-cyclinder, DOHC engine used in the Honda Accord. These engines use a multi-port fuel injection system combined with Honda’s “BLAST” (where do they come up with these names?) ignition timing system. “BLAST” temporarily advances spark timing during heavy acceleration; like when you’re trying to drag the skier or wakeboarder behind the boat or taking off after more fish that mysteriously must be on the other end of the lake.

Although they didn’t give it an acronym, this engine also features Honda’s Lean Burn Control system to improve fuel efficiency. They say this engine is 19% more fuel efficient than the old 115.

A neat feature you’d expect to see on larger engines or on stern drives and inboards is the ability for this engine to talk to external electronic equipment. You can connect the engine to your other electronic display devices such as plotters, GPS, sonar, etc. It will display the engine operations data and alerts. That’s pretty nice. The 55 amp alternator on the engine helps keep all those electronics up and running too.

The MSRP is over $12k. Honda Marine is learning from their automotive cousins and include their five-year, non-declining limited factory warranty. Non-declining means it’s not pro-rated so the warranty you have on day one is the same you have the last day of year five. That’s easier on you and your dealer. Your dealer doesn’t have to try to figure out a reduced warranty level that will only serve to make you mad at them. It’s the warranty and that’s that.

Time didn’t allow us to test the engine on a boat while we were at the show. I have a commitment from the Honda folks to get together someplace warm this winter to give the new BF 115 a good going over. We’ll make sure to post that as soon as we can.

Honda Marine, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., manufactures and markets a complete range of outboard marine engines. Its comprehensive product line is powered exclusively by four-stroke engines.

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