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Insurance Corner – Worried about Winter? How to Winterize your Boat Sensible Winterization Honda 115hp Outboard Stryker T-Tops Winterize or Summerize: Savings for your Surroundings! Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell Nautical Humor Stupid Human Boating Tricks You Won’t Believe Your Eyes Featured Products and Specials

Nautical Humor

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Stupid Human Boating Tricks

I neglected to tell my brother to hold on as I peered ahead at the shine of the water in the dark and gunned it to get on plane. My brother sitting 3 ft away had stood up to get gloves out of his pocket and yelled and spun towards me as he almost fell right off the back...

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Insurance Corner | Worried about Winter?
Sponsored content by NBOA Marine Insurance

It is officially fall, and you know what that means: it’s almost winter. This season is predicted to see temperatures below average, and winter storms with significant snowfall. While you’re dreading all of those heavy clothes cluttering your closet, your boat is in need of your protection. By winterizing your boat, you are preventing potential damage or loss that would need to be taken up with your insurance provider. Don’t allow weather conditions to harm your investment! Even if you have experience winterizing your boat, it is imperative that you consider all aspects of this process. Here’s some quick tips for many types of boats.

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How to Winterize your Boat

Well, the warm weather is fading fast and for many of us it’s that time of year when we need to prepare our boats for winter storage. And so begins the long wait for spring, warm weather and another boating season.

Taking protective measures now will assure that your boat will be ready to get back on the water in a few months when you are. Winterizing your boat doesn’t have to be hard. Here is a checklist to help keep your ‘baby’ in good condition during winter hibernation.

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Sensible Winterization

Save time, money and the environment by choosing an ENDURACover™ over annual shrink wrap... Here’s why:

An ENDURACover boat cover from, when properly tied down and supported, can offer years of service and savings as opposed to the repeated cost of shrink wrapping.

Durable, reusable covers are more economical, practical and environmentally friendly than shrink wrap for long term storage. Here’s some great reasons to consider an Endura Cover rather than shrink wrap for your boat.

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Honda 115hp Outboard
Sponsored content by Honda Marine

At a recent marine trade show the folks from Honda Marine dragged me in to their booth to show me their new 115hp outboard. I have a bit of a soft spot for their parent company since I still ride my 1980 CB650 motorcycle. Like I tell my wife… it’s a classic (she responds, “well, so are you”. I’m not sure what she means).

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Stryker T-Tops
Sponsored content by Stryker Tops

Stryker T-Tops are designed to look like custom T-Tops. But they are specifically for the do-it-yourselfer using nothing more than common household tools. No welding or special tools are needed. The entire installation process takes only about 2-3 hours for two people. The T-Top arrives at your door in 2 conveniently sized cartons.

Read Article | Winterize or Summarize Sale. Savings for your Surroundings!

No matter where you live, in the sunny south or the blustery north, we have on sale the boat supplies you need to either winterize or summerize.

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Red Sky at Night with JB Cornwell | The Day of the Square Grouper In the early ‘80s I was often in the Gulf Stream off of Ft. Lauderdale on weekends trolling for mahi mahi., blackfin tuna, bonito or any billfish that happened along. My primary target was mahi mahi, one of the best table treats that the ocean offers and the easiest to swap for lobster and shrimp at the local market when I had a surplus. This required a Commercial Fishing license which in those days was $25 a year. I never sold fish, but I ate like a bazillionaire.

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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes | Unbelievable Photos

Welcome to our new Humor feature and enjoy a few select "unbelievable" images from our I Love Boating Facebook page!

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Nautical Humor | Boating Cartoon

Enjoy our humor feature of boating cartoons drawn by renowned cartoonist Jerry King. You can view new boating cartoons daily on our website, follow this link for more cartoons.

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