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Sensible Winterization

Save time, money and the environment by choosing an ENDURACover™ over annual shrink wrap . . . Here’s why:

Durable, reusable covers are more economical, practical and environmentally friendly than shrink wrap for long term storage. Here’s some great reasons to consider an ENDURACover rather than shrink wrap for your boat.

COST. An ENDURACover from typically costs less than one season of shrink wrap and, when properly used and maintained, outlasts shrink wrap by up to five years or more.

BREATHABILITY. One of the most notable disadvantages of shrink wrap is the potential development of mold and mildew. No matter how well the shrink wrap is ventilated, your geographical location will play a large part in how much mold and mildew grow underneath the wrap and cause unsightly and often costly damage. Climates with frequent temperature changes from warm to cold cause excessive condensation to build under the shrink wrap. The lack of circulation under the wrap makes it difficult for excessive moisture to evaporate and escape through vents. All ENDURACovers are breathable, utilizing the latest technologies in ultra water repellency without “coating” the fabrics with an impermeable layer that cuts off circulation. This technology allows heat to escape rather than become trapped, thereby reducing condensation. Any condensation that does develop is able to evaporate and escape.

ACCESSIBILITY. After standard shrink wrapping, you’re basically locked out of your boat until spring unless you want to slice and patch. For those who like to work on their boat during the off-season, an ENDURACover provides accessibility without sacrificing protection.

PROTECTION. When properly tied down and supported, an ENDURACover will protect your boat as well as shrink wrap. It is important to note, however, that some basic common sense practices apply. An ENDURACover must be properly supported and “pitched.” Support poles or a support system, available from, or a homemade device such as a length of rigging line run tightly from bow to stern, should be used to create a tent effect so that rain and snow can drain off freely.

WIND WHIPPING. Another notable disadvantage to shrink wrap is potential damage to the gel coat from wind-whipping. Shrink film “hardens” during the shrinking process and when exposed to high winds from trailering or storm, can slap or rub the sides of the boat to the point of permanent abrasion. While new boats from the manufacturer are typically delivered in shrink wrapped cocoons, the process of padding a new boat to prevent damage is far more extensive than the average seasonal shrink wrapping method. ENDURACovers are made only from fabrics suitable for surface contact and are specially designed to protect the boat at highway speeds when properly tied down and supported. Premium fabric offerings such as Performance AquaShield also offer the highest tear strength available in a boat cover fabric.

PRACTICALITY. Perhaps the greatest benefit of an ENDURACover is the protection it offers year-round. All ENDURACovers are excellent for both mooring and storage and the majority of covers are exceptional for travel.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. While there have been great strides made in the reclaiming of shrink wrap in recent years, the process of preparing the material for recycling is extensive. All non-shrink materials must be removed. The wrap must be cleaned of all dirt and debris that could interfere with the recycling process, dried, and packed in manageable sections for handling. Consider the enormous amount of material associated with wrapping boats. Any percentage that ends up in a landfill remains significant. An ENDURACover helps keep shrink wrap out of our landfills.

The ENDURACover brand boat covers and bimini tops feature the highest quality in materials and workmanship and are manufactured in the USA by craftsmen with over 30 years in the cover business. Click here to shop for ENDURACover boat covers

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