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Nautical Humor | Boating Quotes

"Looking for some cheap entertainment? Set up a chair near a boat launch on a busy summer day."

"Everyone starts boating with a bag full of luck. As you gain experience the bag of luck empties, and becomes a bag full of experience."

"If a dirty bottom slows you down, what do you think it does to your BOAT."

"Just owning a boat does not make you a boater!!"

"Life is so much better on a boat."

"A boat is something to keep me busy so I don't have to mow the lawn."

"The trouble with common sense is that it is only common to those with experience and knowledge of the situation at hand."

Stupid Human Boating Tricks | Mystery Cavitation

One of our loyal Boating Forums members related the following story,

"So I spent all this time, money and effort tuning up the 2.5L engine and sealing the Merc Alpha outdrive and I'm ready to head out. Start her up in the driveway and she fires up on the first key turn. Sweet! Feeling good. Get in the water and I'm keeping low revs in a no wake zone for a bit. All is good. After I get by the sailboats, I start pushing her and everything is humming till I hit about 3400 rpm. Engine sounds like it should but it has absolutely NO push. Bring her down to low RPMs and she catches again. Run her slowly up to 3400 and boom, same thing, over and over. I'm thinking outdrive problem or stripped prop spindle. I have no clue, really. So I stay out and fish for a while [good thinking], then trailer her up and go home, keeping the speed down.

I pull in my driveway and find my answer.

Lying in the driveway [along with a little of his pride, we suspect.] was my garden hose stretched out towards the street as far as it could be. On the end of it was a funny little plastic attachment the likes of which I had never seen before.

I had forgotten to take the muffs off of the outdrive and had left the hose connected when I pulled out. Once in the water, at higher speeds the muffs were disrupting the flow of water to the prop! They had also pushed back a bit and were allowing water up through the pump, so I wasn't overheating. When I saw them hanging on the back I was relieved that it wasn't something worse. It did kill my gas mileage though."

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