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Stupid Human Boating Tricks | from the iboats.com Forums

As always, Stupid Human Boating Tricks from our very own iboats.com Forums and I Love Boating Facebook page.

Posted by sandersps, Cadet

So, I have been a member for a few months now reading all the tales of boating and dreaming of owning a boat of my own. About four weeks ago my wonderful wife came wheeling in the driveway with my birthday present in tow. She had bought me a 1993 Bayliner 1950 classic. My first instinct was oh crap, you bought a boat that i have never even seen, or researched on iboats! (shameless plug for my favorite website) So the next day we were off to lake Ft. Cobb were I got to find out why when you see birds standing in the middle of the lake, you should consider them a navigational beacon.

Flawless everything works boat- $4500.

Fuel, lunch and a anchor to take the new boat out-$100.

Beaching your new boat in 6" of water after 15 minutes- Priceless.

I love this website and tell everyone I meet about it. All that I know about boats, including how to un-beach one, I learned from reading the great post from the great members of this site.

Posted by Bubba1235, Rear Admiral

Guy calls me today wanting someone to look at his engine, a 5.7 in front of a Alpha drive. Said it quit and wouldn't start. I do the "what was going when it happened" thing.

Seems him and three buddies (all in late 20s from what I gather) were crusing around with the engine running about 3500 RPMs and turning the ignition off for a second and then back on to, as they said, "get a sound like a 12 guage shot gun". From what he said they did it at least a couple dozen times until the last time and it didn't work when they turned the key back on.

Got to love the fools, God made so dang many of them.

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