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    Boat Detail Information

    Air Conditioning Fridge Stove
    Bimini Top GPS Swim Platform
    Boat Cover Radar Trolling Motor
    Camper Canvas Shore Power VHF Radio
    Compass Shower  
    Depth Fish Finder Stereo  
    ft.   in. (Width of the boat) Generator Manufacturer:
    ft.   in. (Width of the boat) Generator Output:
    Cruising Consumption:
    gallons per hour Holding Tank Capacity:
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    nautical miles (Divide miles by 1.15) Hull ID Number:
    Cruising Speed:
    knots (Multiply MPH by 1.15) Max Consumption:
    gallons per hour
    lbs. Max Load:
    ft.   in. (Min. water depth req.) Max Speed:
    knots (Multiply MPH by 1.15)
    Dry Weight:
    lbs. Water Tank Capacity: gal.
    Fuel Tank Capacity: gal.    

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    Manufacturer:  * Model Year: * 4 digits. Ex 2002.
    Model Name:   * Fuel Type: *

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    Max RPM:
    Cruising RPM:
     RPM Prop Pitch:
    Oil Injection:
      Cubic Inches  Liters Power Trim:
    Fuel Tank Capacity:  gals Stroke: 4-Stroke 2-Stroke Other

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    Trailer Type:
    * Length:
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    * Width:
     ft    in *
    Model Name:
    * Height:
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    Model Year: * 4 digits. Ex 2002. Axle Count: *

    Additional Trailer Information

    Painted Steel:
    Power Break:
    Drive On:
    Power Winch:
    Galvanized Steel:
    Spare Tire:
    Water Sealed Bearings:
    Max Length:  ft    in Wheel Count:

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