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Types of Fishing Rod

For many of us, fishing rods may all look similar - as long as it can hold the bait and lure the fish, any type can be used at any site, right? Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. A good rod will be determined by the type of fish, water and more. has broken down the most popular types of rods, they are as follows:

Spinning rods

This rod is normally used in fresh water fishing. It measures from 5-7.5 feet in length. The spinning rod is most effective when using the spinning style of reel. It can thus cast and retrieve bait and lures. Due to its design it's considered an all-round rod to be used in varied locations such as river, pier, or light boat fishing.

Casting rods

Rods for bait-casting are usually made from fiberglass or graphite. The length ranges from 5 to 8.5 feet. The casting trigger is placed beneath the grip while the reel is located at the top. It holds from 5 to 8 large-diameter line guides. The fast action of the casting rod makes it suitable for catching muskellunge and flathead catfish.

Fly rods

This type of rod is specifically designed for fly fishing. It has a length of between 5-11.5 feet. The fly rod is much thinner and lighter compared to other types. Its classification starts from 0 (lightest) to 15 (heaviest). Lower classes (0, 1 and 2) are used for small flies and fish such as pike and smallmouth bass. Higher class (from 10 and above) is suited for large fresh and salt-water fish such as salmon, tarpon, billfish, steelhead and tuna.

Trolling rods

Trolling (not to be confused with "trawling") entails tying fishing rods on the rear of a slow moving boat, or pulling-in the line bit-by-bit from a fixed position. The fishing rods are used to fish mackerel, salmon, kingfish and other types of pelagic fish.

Muskie rods

Muskie can grow to a length of more than 50 inches and weigh over 30 pounds. The fish is also quite aggressive and is known to tear bait, lure and line to pieces. To catch the fish, special types of rods are used. They are large, sturdier and feature lures that are a foot (12 inches) or even longer.

Walleye rods

The rod which is used to catch the Walleye has a length that starts from 5 feet up to 10 feet. Considering this fish is found in the deep water, the rod is extra sensitive to detect even the slightest motions in the water. If comes as light, medium-light, medium and medium heavy.

Jigging rods

This rod uses a special type of lure known as a jig. The jig which is a hook molded into the sinker makes jerky and vertical movements instead of horizontal motions. It's used in fresh and salty water to catch fish varieties that come near the water surface. These include salmon, smallmouth, and largemouth bass.
The rod action and power matters a lot when choosing a rod. For small trout, bluegill and crappie use fast action, light power. To catch channel catfish, walleye and black bass use medium action and power. Moderate action is suited for fishing trout, perch or bass while fishing rods with heavy and fast action are used to fish blue catfish and muskellunge. Browse extensive selection for all your tackle needs.