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Kit contains eight 0.25 oz primary colors used to field adjust gel coat for shifts in color due to age or exposure

What changes the color of gel coat over time?

Once a boat is made and has left the production area, completed, it will be under attack from the environment. Meaning, the elements of light, water, pollutants, and temperature will all cause the gel coat to change its color or its appearance.

The elements and their effects on gel coat are:

  1. Light - causes oxidation and yellowing of some colors.
  2. Water - is a universal solvent that attacks the surface by dissolving it, causing porosity and staining.
  3. Pollutants - pollen, mold, spoors, dust, acid rain, and smog promote the bleaching out of colors.
  4. Temperature - high temperatures on gel coat will accelerate chalking and color fading.
  • Whites generally yellow and chalk
  • Blues and greens fade in color and chalk
  • Yellows and reds usually turn brown or get darker

Proper Conditions For Viewing and Evaluating Colors

Color is a reaction to how one's mind interprets what his or her eyes see. Because this is an interpretation, we must hold some things constant each time when making an adjustment to gel coat. This allows for a more accurate evaluation of gel coat color and more correct adjustments to the gel coat color.

When making adjustments or evaluating color, please consider the following:

  1. The person doing the adjustment should not be partially or fully color blind.
  2. Having a cold, flu, fever, eye infection, or just having a bad day can influence a person's color perception.
  3. In many situations, the opinion of two or more people can be used as a safeguard.
  4. The amount or type of light used to view gel coat affects the perception of its color.
  5. If possible, use Northern light. Stand with ones back to a North window or North outside with the boat in front of you.
  6. Never use a dark room or a very bright room.

The Batch and the Boat - Observing the Difference

When observing the color by eye, consider comparing the difference between the light reflecting from the gel coat batch and the light reflecting from the boat surface. Note the following:

  1. The light reflected back from the boat is called WHITE in color.
  2. The light absorbed in the boat color is called BLACK in color.
  3. When the boat color absorbs all the light except RED we call it RED in color. This is held true for all the other colors.

You must be able to describe the difference between the BATCH (gel coat in the can) and the boat. You must be able to do this in three different categories listed below:

  1. Depth: This describes the color as being LIGHTER or DARKER.
  2. Cast: This describes the color as being REDDER, BLUER, or YELLOWER.
  3. Grayness: This describes the colr as being CLEANER or DIRTIER.
Red boats can only have a yellow or blue cast
Blue boats can only have a green or red cast
Green boats can only have a green or red cast
White, grey and black boats can only have a yellow, blue, green or red cast

If The Boat Is: Then Add To The Batch:
Whiter White
Redder and Cleaner Cherry Red
Redder and Dirtier Red Oxide
Yellower and Cleaner Chrome Yellow
Yellower and Dirtier Yellow Oxide
Bluer and Cleaner Dark Blue
Bluer and Dirtier Dark Blue and Black
Greener and Cleaner Dark Green
Greener and Dirtier Dark Green and Black

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